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Hi, I'm Tori

Upon my graduation in May 2023, I established the Brighter Times 501c3 and LLC organizations. This initiative stemmed from a recognized demand for providing support, resources, and resilience education to students in the Tampa area.

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Tori Leto, a native of Tampa and current Miss City Beautiful, is a dynamic individual dedicated to making a difference in her community and beyond. At just 22 years old, Tori is already leaving an indelible mark on the world.


Currently pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW) at the University of South Florida, Tori holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Leadership, which she completed in an impressive three years while maintaining Summa Cum Laude honors and membership in the ODK honor society.


Beyond her academic achievements, Tori is a talented trumpet player, having performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for the 75th remembrance of the historic event.


In addition to her academic and philanthropic pursuits, Tori is a certified life coach through UCF, is a certified youth mental health first aider through the National Council for Wellbing.


Looking ahead, Tori's bucket list includes training an Emotional Support Animal to accompany her in her community initiatives, creating a viral social media campaign, and implementing her resilience education program in classrooms across the state and nation.


With her dedication, talent, and unwavering commitment to social change, Tori Leto is poised to continue making a profound impact on the world around her.


Dedication. Authentic. Passion.

In Tampa, we're fortunate to have a remarkable team of leaders who embody dedication, authenticity, and passion, rallying behind Brighter Times and resilience education. Their unwavering commitment and genuine enthusiasm serve as catalysts for positive change, inspiring others to embrace mental health awareness and resilience-building within our community.

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