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 Serving Students 

Inaugural School Year 2023 - 2024

Brighter Times: Empowerment-Driven Emotional Literacy Education For Youth. Boosting Resilience,
Improving Student Success.

Womens Softball

Empowering students of all backgrounds, whether athletes or musicians.


Brighter Times teaches valuable skills for their growth and development.

 Supporting All Students 
Girls in the Library

To maximize students' success, it requires more than just a high IQ, but also a refined EQ

(Emotional Intelligence).

Brighter Times fosters EQ education by equipping students with enhanced self-awareness, self-regulation, and responsibility skills.

 EQ Education 
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Achieving high academic performance is multifaceted and extends beyond mere academic prestige.

Equipping students for the real world by imparting life skills that foster resilience and the capacity to conquer adversity.

 Necessary Life Skills 
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In a world full of darkness, be the light. 

Are you interested in becoming part of the initiative to establish standards for supporting students in schools?

Discover how you can contribute!

 Students in High-Achieving Schools Are Now Named An 'At-Risk' Group 

High-performing students today face a unique set of challenges in their pursuit of academic excellence.


The pressure to maintain top grades, excel in extracurricular activities, and secure spots in competitive universities can be overwhelming.


Balancing a rigorous academic schedule with the demands of a social life and personal well-being can lead to stress and burnout.


Additionally, the digital age has introduced new distractions and opportunities for comparison with peers, making it even more challenging to stay focused and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


High-performing students often grapple with high expectations, perfectionism, and the fear of failure, which can take a toll on their mental and emotional well-being.

The presentation was really helpful for me answering questions about myself. I also liked how the speaker was relatable (young).

Chad Boyer, 17.

It was an absolutely moving extremly helpful presentation. As someone who has struggled and has been struggling lately it was exactly what i needed to remind me to keep going. Also, Tori was so kind and supportive and an overall amazing human being.

Alabama Allen, 16

I thought the presentation was eye opening and extremely helpful. Not only was it informative but also relatable and made me excited to start working on my self image

Riley Webster, 16.


 HCPS High School Club 

The club provided for students in Hillsborough County High School convenes during designated club periods within the school premises, offering a structured and engaging presentation.

These presentations address universally relevant themes like confidence, pressure, and stress, imparting practical skills that students can readily apply in their academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and personal lives.

These concise sessions are designed to equip students
with valuable tools and increase their resilience, enabling
them to effectively confront any challenges
they may encounter.


Club Flyer

Email to join our efforts in getting the club at all HCPS!

Fan Cheering

Brighter Times Club @ Steinbrenner 

Club Rush : Lunch Periods August 30th

Club Days 2023 :
09/13 - 10/04 - 11/02 - 12/06

Club Meets During 2nd Period of Club Day

 Being a Young Leader 

As a young entrepreneur committed to combating the mental health epidemic, I take pride in the tremendous support I've received from students, administrators, and school counselors.

Leading these interactive presentations for high school students, I've been astounded by the high level of engagement from students.

My relatability and youth enable them to feel truly seen, heard, and understood as I share my own struggles with challenges similar to what they're facing now. I also provide insight into how I overcame these hurdles, which empowers me to serve them effectively today.


 Tori Leto 


As a Tampa native, born and raised, and a former burnout student from the gifted program, I empathize with the overwhelming challenges our students encounter today.

My Story

From sharing my personal journey to delivering engaging presentations, I aim to inspire empower, and motivate others. With experience addressing diverse audiences of all ages and in various settings, I am enthusiastic about partnering and sharing the transformative tools of Brighter Times.
You May Have Seen Me:
Gracepoint Foundation, Stronger Than Stigma 2022
The South Tampa Chamber, Women's Connection Luncheon 2022

Hillsborough County Schools Mental Health Annual Meeting 2023
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