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Tori Leto, Miss City Beautiful 2024, Contestant #15

Updated: May 14

I participate in pageants with the goal of serving as a role model and advocate for proactive mental health resources in my community and beyond.

I'm Tori Leto, 22 years old, currently pursuing my master's in social work with dreams of obtaining a Ph.D. in public health leadership. The scholarships from the Miss America organization make these academic pursuits possible, and I'm deeply grateful for the chance to serve others through my studies. My ultimate goal, supported by these degrees and the Miss America organization, is to become an LCSW, offering preventative mentorship to students navigating the challenges of growing up. Beyond therapy, I aim to normalize guidance for youth, nurturing mental health irrespective of illness. Through my nonprofit I provide resilience education to youth, preparing them to overcome adversity before it escalates into crisis. Thus far through pageantry, I've broadened my reach across multiple Florida counties. Competing for the title of Miss Florida, I aspire to elevate my initiative statewide, setting a standard for proactive mental health approaches. 

I wasn't deeply involved in pageantry while growing up, nor did I fit the typical stereotype of a pageant queen b. Since the age of 14, I've grappled with panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, often struggling to attend school due to their debilitating effects. Without the unwavering support of countless individuals who went above and beyond to invest in and support me during those challenging times, I might not have survived, let alone reached the point where I can thrive today.

Initially, when I joined the Miss America organization, I naively viewed its value solely in terms of the scholarships it offered. However, I've since come to realize the immeasurable worth of this opportunity—the platform it provides to effect meaningful change. It's a chance to share my story, champion the cause of youth resilience, and leave my city and state in a better place than I found them.

In competition, I strive to lead with authenticity, pushing the boundaries of the organization to foster growth and positive evolution. Onstage, I seize the opportunity not only to share my story but also to highlight the impact I've made and will continue to make in the lives of others. The invaluable skills I've gained from this organization have played a crucial role in my personal development and my capacity to empower other young people to succeed.

This summer, during the last week of June, I'll be at the RP Funding Center in Lakeland, competing for the coveted title of Miss Florida 2024. While for many, the dream is to become Miss America, adorned with the crown and sash, for me, it's about something deeper. My dream is to take my initiative nationally and impact as many young lives as possible, much like mine was once saved. Winning the title of Miss Florida isn't about seeking publicity, fame, or popularity. Instead, it's about utilizing the platform to advocate for change and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.


Yet, this competition comes with considerable financial demands. Balancing my responsibilities as a master's student, non-profit owner, and LLC startup founder, funds are limited. However, I refuse to let financial constraints hinder me from pursuing this ambitious dream. Hence, I'm asking you, seeking your generous donation to help me put my best foot forward in this upcoming competition. Your contribution will enable me to remain financially responsible while ensuring I have the necessary resources to succeed.

By sponsoring me, you're not only supporting Tori Leto but also the impactful work of Brighter Times. Your sponsorship supports me as a young woman dedicated to making a difference, and it invests in my ability to inspire and motivate countless others. I firmly believe that this title holds immense value rooted in service to others. It's not merely a pursuit for personal gain but a commitment to serving and uplifting communities. Feel free to explore my social media profiles, LinkedIn, or reach out to me with any questions you may have. Your support means the world to me, and together, we will make a real difference.

As a pageant contestant myself, Tori Leto, I believe donations and sponsorships go beyond just supporting the delegate. They are crucial investments in the growth and dreams of young individuals like me. Sponsors help build confidence, leadership skills, and community engagement in contestants. These investments have a ripple effect, creating positive role models and advocates for important causes. Whether it's scholarships, mentorship, or platform support, pageant donations and sponsorships are vital for nurturing the future leaders who will make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Venmo: @ToriLeto --- Paypal: @ToriLeto24 --- Zelle:

If you are an organization or individual interested in sponsoring me and exploring potential collaborations, please reach out via email - I am enthusiastic about how I can support your organization and have a mutually beneficial relationship.

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